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Bath water belongs in your tub, not in your living room.

Call me to repair your busted pipes, broken fixtures or leaking water heater.

Your shower getting colder... faster?

The heating element in your electric water heater has probably seen better days. Corrosion affects the heating capability of the element. The element should be replaced before damaging the rest of your water system.

Thinking about a tankless water heater?

Instant, on-demand hot water. Who doesn't want that? Tankless water heaters are great and I install them, but before you spend $$$ on one, you should know the limitations of these devices.

Professional Service, Master Experience

On My Own Enterprises owner Chuck Boykin is your go-to plumber in and around the DFW area.

Professional Service

Over 45 years of plumbing experience right here in the DFW metroplex and surrounding North Texas area.

Master Plumber

Licensed by the State of Texas as a Master Plumber (M-11658) and certified as a Master Water Safety Protection Specialist.


The majority of my clients, homeowners know that I will not only repair, but also suggest available improvements to your home's water system.


Restaurant owners looking to expand their kitchens hire me for their remodeling needs.

Property Management

Rental property owners count on me to solve their rental home, duplex and townhome plumbing needs and execute their remodeling tasks.


Over 45 years in the plumbing industry. Not many plumbers can claim that distinction. My broad and deep experience in repair and remodel covers every apsect of a home's water system. This knowledge aids you in avoiding costly remodel pitfalls.

Residential and Commercial

Expanding your home or your restaurant's kitchen is not rocket science, but it's not a cakewalk either. Hire me to consult, plan and execute the plumbing system you need for your functional kitchen.


Call or email me to solve your plumbing problems or to start your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects today!